redwood forest east warburton

This has been on Mama's bucket list for some time and ohh boy, it did not disappoint. Towering trees and fascinating nests make for a truely magical, mystical and tranquil visit. The atmosphere here is truly special.

The sequoia plantation - Canadian Redwood’s, were planted early last century and are a wonderful series of evenly spaced colonnades standing tall above you. Apparently the plantation has more than 1400 trees that are now upwards of 60mt in height and cover an area of over 2ha – but forget all the facts – they are simply just amazing! A real photographers delight. The nests are manmade and just like an art installation.

It's a very easy drive from Melbourne and if you combine it with a visit to Mount Donna Buang or the Blue Lotus Garden then you've got yourself a full day out. There's a large open space adjacent for picnics, though one could also picnic inside the plantation and the kids will be fascinated by the many nests under the canopy of trees. You can also walk down to the river at the bottom of the Redwoods.

Be aware that on a busy day there is very little parking, negotiating the traffic on the narrow forest road could be difficult and entry is via a one lane bridge, and there are no toilet facilities. We got lucky on our visit as there was very little visitors so we felt like we had this magical gem all to ourselves!

redwood forest east warburton victoria


Getting to the forest:


Cement Creek Rd, East Warburton VIC 3799


Open 24 hours