yarra glen adventure playground 

yarra glen adventure playground mckenzie reserve

If you're planning a visit to the Yarra Valley or Yarra Glen then this playground has to be on your radar - it's nothing short of amazing! So much fun to be had here.

This playground was built after the 2009 bushfires with the assistance of donations from Victorian, national and international organisations. This award winning, fully landscaped playground has a huge variety of activities suitable for all ages and abilities. From sand and water play, big twisty slide, basket swing, merry-go-round spiiner, a skateboarding and basketball area, paths for a bike ride, seesaw and all sorts of fun equipment.

The play equipment is challenging, well built and loads of fun, the swings are great (swings for little and big kids in the same place), the surrounds are attractive and add to the play space - lots of green grass for kicking a football or running around, nature areas of rocks and trees to play and hide in, lots of pathways to ride bikes and scooters. The skate park is up the hill and easy to get to. There are many tables to sit at, some of them covered, so it's a great place for picnics/lunch (there's free bbqs too) or for parents to sit and relax while the kids play.

Pack a change of clothes because you might need them if your kid loves to get wet! Prepare to spend quite some time here. It's a favourite of ours en-route to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie!



Cnr Anzac Ave and Bell St,
Yarra Glen, Victoria 3775,