Jack-beanstalkLotta Magazine shows you how to make this fun twirly toy and watch Jack travel up and down his beanstalk with a flick of your wrist.



1. Visit Lotta’s website — Lotta Magazine Templates — download & print the Jack template onto card.

2. Cut a length of wire 70cm long with your pliers.

3. Twist the wire evenly around the wooden spoon handle to make a tight, even spiral.

4. Slide out the handle. Open out the spiral so the loops are evenly spaced at about 2cm apart.

5. Cut a length of wire 12cm. Make a semi-circle and put small loops in both ends. Glue one cut out Jack on either side of the wire. Feed Jack’s loops onto the spiral.

6. Put a small loop in the ends of the spiral with your pliers so the end isn’t pointy & Jack can’t fall off. Hold these loops in place permanently with a daub of craft glue. Stretch out the bottom spiral to create a handle.

Now Jack is ready to twirl. Have a Lotta fun!

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