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Friday, 20 May 2022

Jelly Smiles 4We all think of summer for being for the great outdoors but when you have a toddler in tow, there are many days where it's just too hot to play. So I have come up with some Toddler Tricks that bring the great outdoors inside for those times of the day where it's too hot to venture outside. We all get tired of getting stuck indoors so hopefully these are a few ideas that will help you and your toddler have fun together over summer.

Thanks to our latest team member and Mum, Lou from Toddler Tricks - giving parents of toddlers a whole box of on-line tricks that they can use to have happy, healthy fun-times with their toddler every day.  There are toddler tricks for bedtime, bathtime, mealtimes, wet days, fine days and all days in-between. They all cost nothing, or next to nothing and have been tried and tested on real live toddlers!


On very hot days we often have picnics inside on a towel in the lounge or under the table with a sheet draped over it. It is an occasion that calls for jelly smile treats, another way to get vitiman C into your toddler that is fun for you to make together. Your toddler will love the bright colors and slurping the jelly out of the orange skins. This treat is perfect for out side picnics too and I should also mention adults love them!

This toddler trick is best for the parents to make and for your toddler to consume.

What you need:

• Oranges depending on how many cups of jelly you are wanting to make. ( 4 oranges = approximately 1 packet of jelly)

• Jelly crystals in a packet - flavor and colours of your choice.

• Muffin tin or a flat , deep dish.

How to make:

1. Wash your oranges in cold water and cut them in half horizontally.

2. You can either scoop the flesh out and use the sections in a fruit salad or what I did was to juice the oranges leaving the skin intact and use the juice as part of the jelly liquid. Either way is delicious!

3. Place your orange cups into muffin tins or a large flat dish so they sit upright and won't spill when you fill them with the jelly.

Jelly Smile 2

4. Make the jelly up following the instructions on the box, replacing the cold water with orange juice if you prefer. (You can get your toddler to help you stir the jelly. Just be aware that it will still be hot)

Jelly Smiles 5

5. Pour your jelly into the orange cups, right to the rim then place in the refrigerator (your toddler will love watching you do this).

Jelly Smiles 3

6. As you can see I used a number of different Jelly flavors - left over crystals can be placed in an air tight container for next time and any made up jelly can be put in a container for setting and eating later.

7. The packet says to give the jelly 4 hours to set however I tend to leave mine over night so I know they are properly set when I come to cutting them .

8. Once the Jelly has set , with a sharp knife, slice each cup into 3 or 4 wedges depending on the size of your oranges.

Jelly Smiles 1

9. Watch your toddler enjoy!

This is a great Toddler Trick for birthdays and sharing with friends.




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