If you are looking for a fun way to amuse the kids in Melbourne’s north east, Edendale Farm has a-e-i-o-u covered!  Whether it's milking the goats, visiting the chickens, geese and turkey and offering them some chook food or casting your eyes on some reptiles, Edendale Farm is one treasure of a spot and all that is required of you is your sense of adventure and your gold coin donation on entry!

edendale farm eltham 

Fun activities set out amongst the grounds included pet rock making, learning to ‘milk a goat’, sand boxes and meeting the animal with a farmer including sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, roosters, turkeys, goats and a cow.

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Edendale Farm, 30 Gastons Rd, Eltham VIC

Phone: 9433 3711


Open 9.30 am – 4.30pm daily