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1. Hansel & Gretel (An Appalachian Version) Tom Davenport 16 mins, USA, 1975
2. The Fisherman and his Wife Gisela Frisen, Per Ekholm 19 mins, USA, 1970
3. The Frog Prince Joy Batchelor 8 mins, UK, 1969
4. The Magic Well 13 mins, USA, 1976
5. Rapunzel Lillian Somersaulter-Moats, J.P. Somersaulter 10 mins, 1980

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What's better than a day out with FREE fun for the kids? Afterwards visit Birrarung Marr Artplay's Playground to wear the kids out!


ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image Federation Square

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5th - 7th Jan, 11am
8th Jan, 11:15am
14th Jan, 11am
15th Jan, 11:15am
17th & 18th Jan, 11am



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