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Thursday, 20 January 2022

The Elf on the Shelf coverThe Elf on the Shelf has officially landed Down Under. Have you heard of this cheeky little character? If you haven’t then I think you’re going to love him/her. If you have, we’re looking forward to hearing your top ideas!

Arriving in a beautifully large box the elf is tucked in neatly and is accompanied by a delightful picture book. The picture book is the key. In wonderful rhyme and rhythm your new little elf introduces himself and the magic of Christmas. Your new little elf lives on the shelf and must not be touched; he/she doesn’t talk but just watches …. then at night all the elves return to Santa to deliver their reports on the children in their house. He returns the next morning, but obviously he isn’t going to return to the same place that would be way too boring, and this is where the fun really begins.

Each morning the children search their house to discover their elf’s new hiding place. Oh, you can just have too much fun with this – upside down in the cookie jar, making snow angels out of flour on the kitchen floor, a toothpaste message emblazoned on the bathroom mirror ... the possibilities are endless and can be as cheeky as you dare!

Is your imagination working overtime? This is one of those Christmas activities which involves the parents as much as the children. It is such a cute idea for children to fall in love with, and what a relief that it doesn’t involve endless gifts.

The elf belongs to your household forever. You officially name him, register him online to receive a letter from Santa, and then bring him out each year. You can choose a boy elf, girl elf, dark skin, light skin elf – visit My Book Corner to view our price comparison.

the elf on the shelf 1

The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition created by mum Carol and her twin daughters Chanda and Christa and it sure has taken off in a big way.

If you are looking for a little Aussie themed inspiration/chuckle, My Book Corner decided to get carried away, welcome the elf in style, and introduced her to Australia over five very testing days. This was one diva elf who certainly adored being in the lime light.

Here's the link to all things ELFISH on My Book Corner's Pinterest Board.

With thanks to our special guest contributor:

Emma Perry is a freelance writer, reviewer, and founder of the popular My Book Corner, a children’s book review and price comparison website. A Melbourne dwelling book lover, she can be found buried under a mountain of books.




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