The hottest new kids band on the block have set the date! They're heading to Melbourne and will have you and your mini's jamming to some quirky hit tunes.

Electric Lunchbox are a new, exciting, hip and fun kids band with some very funky tunes.

Electric Lunchbox are Jayde Bond & Steve Shanahan, a singing husband and wife duo - you know, like Sonny & Cher, Johnny & June, Kermit & Miss Piggy (okay, they weren't married... or people... but you get the idea).

December 2010 saw the launch of their first album...12 fun toons which are guaranteed to get you singing, dancing and laughing - they'll even accept chortles, guffaws and harrumphs ! So don't be surprised to find a nod, however silly, in the direction of 50's Rock 'N' Roll, Country, Motown, Doo-Wop and even Spaghetti-Western.

You'll be able to catch Electric Lunchbox at the Electric Lunchbox Gig in Northcote on 29th October and at the Rhymes Festival Melbourne, 30th October 2011.


1. Just who is Electric Lunchbox?

Essentially we are a Rock'N'Roll kids band, but within that there are so many styles we go to... Motown, Spaghetti Western, Doo-Wop

Steve - Jayde and I wrote and recorded our debut album in our studio last year. We did all of it, and had the awesome Paul Johnstone play drums and chuck his voice in too (he was in the original production of Jesus Christ Superstar). We then got a band together to promote it, with PJ being joined by the very classy Frank Grubisa on the bass( he makes his own "Grusbia" guitars). The last piece of the puzzle is the super-smooth, "Dancin'" Johnny Carr on guitar, keyboard and vocals. John's now a Northcote local, so we send him recordings of rehearsals, then fly him up to gigs.

Jayde - We started EL because initially we wanted some new songs to play in the classes I was running, but it turned into more when our kids grew and so did their stories, and well, the stories were funny... and relevant... so we started to get more serious about it. Steve was voicing B1 at the time for the new ABC series, so with three kids we were right in relm of a kids head space.

2. How did you become interested in Music?

Steve - The first time I saw Count Down when I was nine years old... and that was that!

Jayde - My Dad, he used to play The Beatles (mainly Sgt Peppers), The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison (who I wasn't really sure about - maybe I'm still not?)

3. You have Children. Have they influenced your music?

Steve - Yes, absolutely . Their latching onto songs that you wouldn't expect kinda makes you revisit stuff you haven't listened to for years, ie we took the girls to see Gary Numan and couldn't believe how much they loved it, and us too.

Jayde - Yes, everyday, new stories. Like any family, we seem to keep each other entertained.

4. Favourite bands/artists?

Where do we begin....The Ronettes, Radiohead, Elvis (both of them), Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, LCD Sound System, Lanie Lane, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, You am I, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dusty Springfield, Nick Cave, Tom waits, AC/DC, Kiss, The Church, Deerhunter, Gary Numan, The Scientistis, Kimbra, all music from Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba....we could go on and on.

5. How do you prepare for a gig? Do you ever get nervous or is it...on with the show?

A bit of both, the butterflies are fun! We just love to play live.

6. What's your most requested song?

Prawn Crackers, but we've got a few new ones we are looking forward to playing. It's great fun working up the new songs with a band.

7. What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done at one of your gigs?

At the end of a song while everyone was clapping, a little boy walked out of the girls toilets with a huge cupcake smeared all over his face, right next to the stage. That's kids music, and that's Rock 'n'Roll!

8. Where's your favourite place to perform?

After these two gigs the answer will definitely be Melbourne!

9. How did you come up with band name 'Electric Lunchbox'?

Steve - We'd always wanted one... I mean, imagine plugging your lunchbox into a power point at recess and everything being icy cold... Awesome!

Jayde - Steve came up with the name one night after our original name was not sounding so original anymore.

10. Tell us about your next shows and why we should all be there?

Saturday October 29th at the Northcote Uniting Church at 3pm and Rhymes Kids Festival Sunday October 30th (Melbourne showgrounds) from 9am. It is our first Melbourne gig. Our guitar/keyboard player Johnny Carr is from Northcote, Jayde was born in Melbourne, and well, we just think that Melbourne rocks and the band is pumped to play some very fun tunes... in Melbourne!

*Thanks so much to the rocking duo (& coolest Sydney-side Mum and Dad), Jayde and Steve. We dig your style, music and we have amazingly similar tastes in music. See you again for your Northcote and Rhymes Festival Melbourne Gigs! Now altogether....Prawn Crackers. Pppppp Prawn Crackers. Pppppp Prawn Crackers!


electric_lunchboxBanging spoons on pots and pans is munchkin’s idea of heavy metal. Crank up the fun-side with your very own copy of the Electric Lunchbox CD!

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