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Sunday, 14 August 2022



A healthy dose of Weekly Greens and Oranges - thanks, Aunty Rozzy.

Knowing what produce to pick and then coming up with creative ways to get your kids to eat it is a tall order.

I think we've all 'Bean' there, done that, you know, literally trying to force/hide/disguise the veggies so your little diner would just eat a balanced meal.

Just when you mastered the pea and pear purees, your little Munchkin starts clamoring for real meals.
Current battle: getting your kids to eat healthy meals that involve greens.
Enter, Aunty Rozzy!

Find your way to a happier dinner time with the help of Aunty Rozzy, a range of Children's books and CD's that have been designed to encourage healthy eating in children and appreciate the importance of kids nutrition. These colourful books encourage children to be adventurous, healthy eaters with illustrations of nutritious fruits and veggies, catchy one-liners, fun characters; Perry the Parrot and Hariette the Rabbit and an A-Z of anything but plain pasta!
'Nanna's Carrots' follows the journey of Perry the Parrot who loves to fly around and visit all sorts of places and he just loves Nanna's Carrots. When he finds himself in Paris, he doesn't like their carrots, so he flies home for Nanna's Carrots. Now that's commitment!

Then there is....'The Incredible Edible Alphabet' (try saying that five times!) that reinforces healthy eating with a catchy tune with a big message. Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, meet up with some exciting old and new friends as they explore the letters of the alphabet. Never has there been a more fun way to teach your children the alphabet whilst all the time promoting natural, healthy fruit and veg.

aunty_rozzy_calendarCombine Aunty Rozzy with our 10 Steps to Eating Fruit and Veggies and you're guaranteed success!

1. Examine your attitude about fruit and veg. Many opinions kids have about food are a result of their parents' attitudes. Being overly pushy or making a big deal about eating vegetables can have an adverse affect on your child's willingness to eat her vegetables.

2. Put some thought into presentation. A fun plate makes for a happy meal! The more colours there are the more appealing it may be to them, and encouraging, to gobble up.

3. Let the children decorate their own pizzas with tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and whatever takes their fancy that will later encourage kids to eat vegetables.

4. Make sushi. Experiment with carrot strips, cucumber, sweet potato and avocado.

5. Cut carrots in sticks as well as zucchini and whatever other vegetables you feel like, and steam them until tender but crisp. Serve them with hommus and let them explore the different flavours.

6. Include cooked veggies in sauces and soups where they may not be easily detected.

7. Fruit smoothies and shakes will hit the spot. They're a delicious way to get a portion of fruit/s and who could resist a fresh berry, honey and natural yoghurt smoothie?

8. Give vegetables silly names. Your kids might be interested in trying little green trees more than broccoli.

9. Make traffic lights - Cucumber | Tomato | Corn = Yummo! They're more likely to eat that than a mountain of potato or those tiny 'green things' (peas!).

10. Home-grown RULES! Despite the fact they taste a lot better when they are fresh and not mass produced or forced commercially, kids just love digging up potatoes, parsnips and carrots - it's like digging for buried treasure. And watching seeds grow from tiny seedlings into mature plants, tending them and keeping an eye on their progress and protecting them from invaders (slugs and bugs!).

The Verdict? Voila! A clean plate.




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