There's several factors to consider when purchasing a lunchbox/lunchbag that includes quality, ease of use, adaptability, appearance, lunchbox convenience and price.

gooie have released some fun and functional lunchbags that are sure to be a hit in the playground!

gooie lunchbox kids lunchbag

gooie lunchbox train

The gooie lunchbox is an adaptable and well-designed product that will actually save you lots of time because there's no fiddly compartments, only a zip flap to close and open which is easy for little fingers to manage and there's a drink bottle compartment attached to the bag (probably my favourite feature of the bag). They also come in different designs so there's bound to be something in the collection to suit!

Here's some things we love about them:

gooie lunchbox ruby school


My preppie and kinder boy love their gooie lunchboxes.

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