What do you get when you cross over 50 exhibits, 5 million Lego brick pieces and 13 days? And where can you see Elvis the helicopter, New York City and Sydney Harbour Bridge (just to name a few!) under the one roof? Stumped?

lego brick man experience ferrari

lego brick man expereince boat

lego brick man emmett

The Lego Brick Man experience, that’s what (and where)! Featuring the amazing works of Ryan McNaught: Lego extraordinaire (and one of only 12 certified professionals in the world!), this remarkable exhibition is a must-see these school holidays for the whole family. And you don’t even have to be a die-hard Lego enthusiast to enjoy all that it has to offer!

Let’s start with the big guns – the incredible displays. The amount of effort, level of detail and technical skill that has lovingly gone into each one is mind-boggling. Models are accompanied by plaques detailing their behind-the-scenes stories, including original drawings, technical information (which translates to how many pieces used) and Ryan’s inspiration. You’ll find world-famous buildings and icons, modes of transport (red Ferrari anyone?) and everything in between, from robots to flowers – even Mr 007 himself!

And then there’s the records. So many records! World-renowned. Accredited. You name it, he’s surpassed it.  Everything is super-sized here – biggest, tallest, amount of bricks used; wherever there’s a record, Ryan has smashed it! A definite inspiration for budding master-builder enthusiasts, big and little!

And finally, let’s finish with activities. Activities? Yes, they’ve thought of everything. Once you’ve had your fill of the exhibitions there’s an abundance of Lego stations, otherwise known as the “Trainee Master Builder Area” where you can simply…build, build, build and display your own marvellous creations on the “hero wall”! Just be mindful of the smaller pieces with any little ones however! Each day there’s also two giant mosaics to be built with the help of…you guessed it, you! And for the tiniest of builders, there’s a colouring in station tots can colour, cut and paste to their hearts delight. You can also have your photo taken against the “green screen” and have it super-imposed over a spectacular scene of your choice. General photography is allowed too, so don’t forget your phone and camera!

lego brick man experience helicopter

lego brick man experience opera house

lego brick man building

Bookings are essential (and held in 90 minute sessions throughout the day) – you’ll need to jump online to book @ http://brickmanexperience.com.au/.

Check out their terms and conditions on the home page as well. They recommend arriving with plenty of time to spare so you make the most out of your session.

You can follow them on the usual suspects, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks to Allison and her crew for testing out the Lego Brick Man Experience (tough call, tough call)!!