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Sunday, 14 August 2022

With an upcoming concert, baby on the way and a successful TV show, we caught up with Jimmy Giggle (James Rees) to get the lowdown on all things Giggle and Hoot. Jimmy also wanted to surprise a Little Melbourne Giggle and Hoot fan with a Family Pass to Giggle & Hoot and Friends at The Playhouse on 18th December 2014 (enter our giveaway at the bottom of the interview).


You've raked up a HUGE following. Why do you think the show is a mega success? Little Melbourne

It's a little different. We approach the show from the angle of the kids. Instead of speaking slow and spelling out what is happening Giggle And Hoot is about fun, music, dressing up and laughing! It's also made with love, the producers who make the show so passionate, the series producer calls her son Hoot by accident all the time, he may actually think his name is Hoot!! Haha!! 

What gets your creative juices flowing? Anna, 8

When we are on the set and there is a silly prop or costume in the scene we are about to record for example Magician Giggle-ini... I try to think how funny I can make the character! 

Who's got more fans? You or Hoot? Jett, 6

If you go by the amount of pictures we get for the Giggle Gallery that have Hoot in them, Hoot wins. We need more pictures of Jimmy!!! 

Why do you wear PJ's a lot? Henry, 4

They are very very cosy! Some people wear suits to work but I wear Pyjamas, I wake up and I'm already dressed for the day!

What do you do when you're not being Jimmy Giggle? Sarah, 7

I take my two little dogs for a walk, play my drums, practice guitar, play some video games, see my friends, see my family, go to the beach and do a little bit of cooking! :)

What's a favourite thing of yours to do, see and visit in Melbourne? Ruby, 6

I love all the food in Melbourne, there are such yummy place to eat. Also I love the theatres in Melbourne they are pretty and going to the theatre is brilliant. One more thing, the footy, I have been travelling a lot over the past few years and haven't managed to get to the football at all, but going to see the mighty Bombers is one of my favourite things too!

You recently announced your wife was pregnant. Congratulations. Do you think when your little one is old enough you'll be exploring our website for a little adventure? Little Melbourne

Kids are born with Web surfing skills these days, right...? I'm sure the little champ will be on the look out for an adventure. 

Icecream or chocolate? Alice, 3

Ice cream...... YUMMMMMMM!!! 

Have you always been an entertainer? Charlie, 7

I always tried to make my family laugh when I was young but I took to the stage in high school. From there I knew I wanted to entertain for a living!! 

Do you like seeing yourself on TV? Sophie, 5

It is a little bit strange but it's good to watch every now and then to make sure my eyebrows are not going to crazy!



To Win a Family Pass to see Giggle & Hoot and Friends at The Playhouse on December 18th at 3pm just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and 'Giggle & Hoot giveaway' as the subject..




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