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Thursday, 30 June 2022

It's not only diggers that get the five star treatment in Sleep tight, Digger Dan! Each page features a different truck or piece of heavy machinery, ranging from a dump truck, crane, compactor, loader, little digger...well, you get the idea!

sleep tight digger dan book

This is a good choice if you're looking for a construction themed bedtime read, or filling out your story time schedule.

This books true home will be at bedside though, where the muted color palette will be just the thing to send little transportation fans off to dreamland. For all those young ones who wonder where all the trucks go at night, this book gives a whimsical answer that is sure to delight. The final page, which shows Digger Dan nodding off to Zzzzzzzzzz land, delivers a little message that, it's not just children that get tired and need to sleep. We all do. This includes trucks at a construction site, namely Digger Dan.

sleep tight digger dan story review

sleep tight digger dan childrens book review

Brimming with beautiful illustrations and colours, sounds, and city energy, this new adventure makes working together and taking turns more fun than ever.

The drawings and the text present those moments of closing one's eyes and nodding off in a magical light. All of the trucks have sweet faces - both "kid" trucks and "mum and dad" trucks are expressive and distinctive. The moon serenely sleeps above the construction site and while drifting off a teddy bear clutches the Wheel Loader in his arms. There are beautiful scenes of the orange light of dawn and the inky peacefulness of night.

The rhyming words are rambunctious, yet also possess the tenderness of a lullaby. There's lifting, digging and dumping but at the end of the day there's settling down for a night's sleep. For example, "Leo the Wheel Loader is sleeping soundly. He is all snuggled up with one...two...three...cuddly toys".

On the final page the text whispers a gentle "Sleep tight little Digger Dan"..... and I wonder if by the end of the book some children haven't nodded off themselves, perhaps dreaming of diggers, loaders or dump trucks on a construction site.

Sleep tight, Digger Dan! can be purchased for $16.95 from

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