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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

You can make the biggest impact on families in need by donating your unwanted nappies.

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How many mums drive the nappy collective?
Five women who are also mums are on the Management Committee team.  Sandra Jacobs (founder) and I have also just been awarded a $10,000 grant awarded by ANZ Private awarded to an organisation or idea that had been sparked from attending the Nexus Youth Summit, a global philanthropy and innovation conference.
Describe how the Collective went from being an idea to a reality?
Sandy had found some leftover nappies at home and thought, what am I going to do with these handful of nappies? After doing some volunteer work with a women’s shelter, McAuley Care, Sandy had heard of the difficulties faced by mothers fleeing domestic violence in affording basic necessities for their babies. The second largest demographic in shelters is babies aged 0-2, and with domestic violence becoming an increasing epidemic in Australia, the need for baby essentials is huge for women seeking to rebuild their lives without any financial support. In addition, many families face homelessness and an ongoing struggle with poverty, and we wanted to help these mums too.
After Sandy’s lightbulb moment of creating one central drop point for people to drop their unused nappies, one location in Melbourne was publicised. In just two weeks, over 1500 nappies were donated. The concept was simple but catchy and easy to apply anywhere. After the success of the first collective, Sandy began recruiting her team who would work together to grow the Collective. Sharing her passion and dedication, as well as offering different skills (lawyer, philanthropist/PR, accountant, financial advisor and fashion designer), the team worked furiously before the next collective to expand our locations. Our current Collective has 15 drop points in Melbourne and 4 in Sydney, with plans to expand to Queensland and WA by our next collective in July. We plan to go national as we have had enquiries and interest from all over Australia – Tasmania, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Perth, regional NSW, as well as London, Belgium and Singapore!) The sky is the limit!
In addition, we have received an overwhelming response via social media. We are flooded daily with enquiries and messages from people wanting to get involved, donate and find out more about us.
Do the nappies always go to McAuley Care or are other organisations benefiting too?
Given our expanded reach and that we expect to receive a far greater number of nappies this collective, we have increased our beneficiaries and will continue to do so. Currently we have 8-10 shelters marked for receiving nappies, as well as a group of vulnerable young mums who are part of  Melbourne City Mission’s Cradle to Kinder program. They will also receive donated swim nappies for a special program they do for the young mums and their babies who participate in swimming lessons covered by City Mission to enhance their baby’s development and encourage bonding.
What sorts of families benefit?
Mothers fleeing domestic violence with their young children, seeking to rebuild their lives but with little possessions or financial support.
Vulnerable young mums
Potentially also mums facing homelessness
How many nappies have you collected to date?
1519 last collective
We have just started our collective this week (February 17) but have already received donations close to 5000 nappies!
How can others help?
Spread the word on Facebook with your family and friends
Volunteer to be a drop point
In July we plan to launch our Party Plan initiative which will enable people to register with us to receive an information pack and host their own Nappy Collection party with family and friends.

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