For Families who missed the Sold Out Autism friendly Victorian Opera Performance there are some suitable Melbourne activities and events coming up in a dim-lit, quiet environment for your child. Some of these aren't permanent but that won't stop us from discovering and sharing more Autism Friendly activities and updating this post in the future.


Northland Shopping Centre Quiet Room

northland autism quiet room little melbourne

In an Australian first, Northland Shopping Centre, in partnership with Amaze, has opened a 'Quiet Room' - a sensory soothing space for individuals with Autism. The room's design is very plain with pastel colours, soft lighting and limited noise and smells to combat the 'sensory overload' people with autism often encounter when they go to shopping centres. Entry is via a lock and key system from Centre Management.

"Amaze CEO Fiona Sharkie explains, "It can be very difficult for parents with children on the spectrum to be able to come out to public places, such as shopping centres, for fear of their child having a 'meltdown' due to too much sensory stimulation. And not just children – adolescents and adults with ASD are often overwhelmed by the sensory experience that is 'shopping'! Northland Shopping Centre, together with our Autism experts, have constructed a specially designed 'Quiet Room' offering individuals and their carers space to reduce their anxiety, where they can get access to power, sensory soothing items, bean bags and other useful materials to help reduce over-stimulation."


Sensory Friendly Films at Selected Village Cinemas


We are proud to bring Sensory Friendly Films to families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Sensory Friendly Films allow families to enjoy their favourite films in a safe and accepting environment with the cinema lights turned up and the sound turned down.

PARTICIPATING CINEMAS: Airport West, Eastlands, Fountain Gate, Geelong, Knox AND Southland.


Our list is being reviewed and will be updated soon