When my first baby was born just over six years ago, sleeping bags were just coming on to the market. Gone were the days of loose fitting blankets and covers. Today it's about togs, front zip or side, fabric, sizes and travel slots.

woolbabe baby tested review sleeping bag

The Woolbabe Sleep Bag feels really spacious and my baby has plenty of space to grow into the bag. There are poppers around the arm holes to make it suitable and safe for a younger baby. The bags have a front zip (or side zip) which makes baby feel snug and secure and it's a cinch for nappy changes.

Whilst these sleeping bags cost much more than any we have purchased previously, at $129.00 - $159.00, I can really see their worth. Not only do they last much longer, but they are suitable all year thanks to the merino wool layer which naturally regulates baby's body temperature.

We have so far used it only in the winter months, but I can see us using it throughout the summer with just a nappy/singlet too as my baby likes the security of covers. They are designed for room temperatures between 14 and 22 degrees and come with a handy layering guide. The fine merino layer draws excess moisture away from the body in warm rooms and conversely 'envelopes' baby in an insulating thermal layer in cooler rooms.

woolbabe sleeping bag red baby

Merino wool is not as difficult to care for as you might think and more forgiving than traditional wool garments. You can throw it in the washing machine with some liquid wool detergent for the wool cycle. It does naturally deter bacteria and resist odours though and so it doesn't need washing nearly as often as other sleeping bags.

The fact that the sleeping bag is made out of 100% natural fibres (30% merino/70% soft cotton blend fabric and Filling is 100% Australian wool
and Lining is 100% cotton) rather than using a poly-cotton mix that can become quite sweaty for your baby.

Most importantly, the merino wool lining helps regulate your baby's body temperature so you don't have to worry about her overheating. It also means that you can use the bag all year round, rather than having to buy different tog rating bags for the different seasons – simply layer up with clothing inside the bag on colder nights. It is also suitable from 3 months to 24 months, unlike many other bags on the market.

It's particularly great for long car journeys without disturbing his sleep as the bag has a special vent in it to put the car seat strap through.

The True Test:  Does my baby sleep better in a Woolbabe? Absolutely!

You can purchase your Woolbabe Sleep Bag from The Sleep Store.