We've got kids. Kids make a mess. The mess needs cleaning up. Dyson V6 absolute to the rescue! In a nutshell the all new Dyson V6 is quick, handy, powerful and works a treat.

Based on a new digital V6 motor that spins at an incredible 110,000 rpm.
The hardfloor head is properly genius. We put it to the test on our floorboards and bathroom tiles, it worked exactly as described, handling a mix of crumbs, glitter, playdough bits, hair and spilt powder with ease.





Having three kids, the Dyson comes in handy at any given moment. From cereal spillages, craft disasters, a kitchen baking mess, dry mud out of the boot of the car and hidden crumbs, this stick vac will become an essential in your household. 

The V6 has a single built-in Lithium battery pack, meaning you don't have the option to buy additional batteries for longer cleaning sessions. Once you run flat, the cleaning session is over. Dyson claims 20 minutes on normal power, dropping to 17 minutes using one of the motor-powered Turbobrushes.

The hard floor cleaner head is specifically designed to tackle such surfaces and has clever debris channels that keep a tight seal between the tool and the floor, ensuring that dust and grime goes into the vacuum rather than escapes in the flow. And there is a max setting that can close the enclosure further, if it needs to pull up dust embedded in cracks and crevices - such as between floor boards.

It comes with a red stick attachment and that too adds a little fun to the proceedings. Long gone are the days of brown, orange or beige vacuum cleaners that not so much suck up dirt as freely distribute it in a greater area and back in the day you had to empty (and change) a filter bag!

And that's where the Dyson V6 Absolute excels the most. Not only is it one of the most attractive cleaners the company has produced, for a cordless machine, it is the most efficient.

But, while we love V6's versatility and dexterity, its most practical feature is the neat wall mounted docking station. The dock, which screws into the wall, is a brilliant addition that stores and charges the vacuum, and holds two cleaning attachments.

The all new Dyson V6 manoeuvers and handles like a pro and for that reason alone we think it exceeds any other vacume on the market.