So the name 'Cafe Del Mar' may conjure up images of renowned sunsets, chilled out beats and Ibiza but you won't get any of that here. You will however get a huge courtyard and fully fenced play area that's a real toddler draw-card.

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cafe del mar kids menu courtyard

Food is consistant (and average) with a large menu including everything from all-day-breakfast, pizza and pasta dishes and a dedicated kids menu. There's a fresh range of muffins, gingerbread people and slices on entrance to the cafe.

Ordering is pretty straight forward and taken at your table. No juggling of kids, bags and wallets and no moving to a cashier then heading back to you table - hooray!

The play area is right up the back of the courtyard and also partly shaded. The courtyard itself is pretty huge so you could arrange a Mama's group catch up or play date with friends here.

Where: 235 - 237 Koornang Road, Carnegie

Hours: 7 days a week, 7am - 4.30pm