We are huge fans of all 3 Museums and our membership has been invaluable. Take Scienceworks and our very first visit some time ago that consisted of over 4 hours of pure enjoyment and we hadn't even done the top level! It's where kids can soak up their surroundings, explore and create scientific knowledge for themselves. They've also got a pretty cool shop full of all sorts of the weird and wonderful! There's the Melbourne Museum. Of course you've probably been to the Melbourne Museum before, but don't forget that there's a lot more to this museum than dinosaur bones. Then there's the Immigration Museum. We've been to quite a few of their School Holiday activities and events held that aim to provide an enriching and educational experience for kids of all ages.

Here's what's going on at 3 of our favourite destinations:


This super museum, located on the northern border of the Carlton Gardens behind the Royal Exhibition Building, is futuristic and interactive and connects architecture and nature – in the middle of the museum, you can walk through a forest!

The Children’s Gallery is designed for children 3 to 8 but we think it would delight even the younger toddler. Our kids totally adore the outside area. It's Huge! A lego corner, hoops, stilts, skipping ropes....get the picture?

After the learning experience, re-fuel at the family friendly Melbourne Museum Cafe -

The café is family friendly, can provide high chairs and offers a special lunch box for kids, sushi packs are our little girl's calling and there's even a playground outside! Adults are catered for with a selection of fresh hot and cold food, soft drinks, wine, espresso coffee and a selection of teas.

Visit the Museum and take the family to the Museum Café for some fun and fast lunchtime food or relax with a glass of wine, enjoying the view of the Royal Exhibition Building.


Go for Gold from the 29th June - 14th July with a dazzling program of gold inspired family activities and discover the extraordinary, rich culture that is Afghanistan.


This museum is situated in an old plumbing station and is simply brilliant. It is dynamic and interactive and a must for children who are inquisitive especially in matters relating to science and technology.

The museum collection objects are combined with hands-on exhibits so you can test your reflexes, jumping and kicking abilities and are designed to be explored. Amazingly the exhibits continuously changes so repeat visits never get repetitive. Scienceworks makes learning about science and technology a fun, interactive adventure...So much so our little girl never wants to leave!

The Melbourne Planetarium creates hyper-real, digital simulations of outer space in awe-inspiring astronomical shows. Sessions are information-rich and will take visitors to the stars and beyond. Currently Tycho to the Moon is showing. Blast off on an amazing ride into space with Tycho and his young friends Ruby and Michael. Learn about night and day, space travel, the phases of the Moon and features of the lunar surface. Take a close-up look at the Sun, watch the effects of gravity, see the Earth from space and watch meteors shoot across the night sky.

Carnival of Science

Recommended for ages 6+ but our children (5 and 3) had a blast exploring the circus!

Explore the science behind the carnival.

Ever wondered what the trick is to winning the giant teddy at your favourite sideshow alley game? It might surprise you, but the answer lies in science.

Carnival of Science goes behind the scenes to explore the physics, biology and psychology of the sideshow – without losing the magic of the carnival!

Try your luck navigating the maze of mirrors or try the strength tester. Like a human cannonball, launch yourself head first into the weird and often wacky world of the carnival!

Where We Live

Immerse yourself in the recently upgraded Planetarium and explore the universe we live in.

Discover the science in everyday household objects in a performance by circNica and in the highly interactive House Secrets exhibition.  Last chance to visit House Secrets which closes on Sunday 14 July to make way for a new exciting exhibition Think Ahead which opens in December.


Discover the ultimate hair-raising experience with a lightning room show at the Victoria University High Voltage Theatre.

Officially launched at Scienceworks in April 2004, the 120-seat theatre offers 30 minute live shows that are informative, entertaining and electrifying!


The Immigration Museum explores the stories of real people from all over the world who have migrated to Victoria. 

Located in the Old Customs House in the heart of the city, the museum re-creates the real-life stories of coming to Australia with a rich mix of moving images, personal and community voices, memories and memorabilia.

Japanese Tanabata Celebration

Make a wish seven different ways, beat a traditional taiko drum and enjoy stories of hopes and dreams from all around the world. The Taiko Japanese Drumming Workshops sound like a plan these School Holidays. Best to book in advance for this one.

If you need to re-fuel with coffee, babycino's and some lunch/snacks just visit The Immigration Museum Café then reward the kids with pickings from the Museum Shop.

So whatever Museum you find yourself at, you and the family are guaranteed a seriously fun day out that will leave you wanting more.