When you're visiting the NGV International with a baby or toddler, at some stage you'll probably be needing a baby/parents room. Whether it's for feeding, changing nappies or breastfeeding, the NGV's Infant room will accomodate your needs.

ngv infant baby room 1

This clean, spacious and modern infant room is located near the Women's and Men's restrooms near the Robert Raynor Gallery, Ground Level and contains a microwave for heating food and bottles, highchairs, change areas with bins, private breastfeeding areas with comfy chairs and there's even a fenced mini play area with blocks for toddlers. The play area is the perfect escape for toddlers (or even slightly older children) if you need to feed your baby and have a toddler on hand that needs to be occupied.

ngv infant baby room 2

ngv infant baby room 3

Here's some more Family-facilities and tips to make your visit a pleasant one:

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