A playground in the City? There sure is! If you're heading into the City and a playground visit is on the cards (isn't it always?) then this playground
will do the trick!

artplay playground birrarung marr melbourne city

The Artplay Birrarung Marr playground is an impressive playground full of adventure – there's decking to run across, slides to zip down, rope structures to clamber up, a climbing wall, hammocks, sandpit, swings including a liberty swing for wheelchairs, numerous slides and active and quiet areas. When you've exhausted all these options don't forget to have a roley-poley down the grassy hill...wheeeeeee!

Its name comes from the language of the Wurundjeri people who originally inhabited this area, 'Birrarung' means 'river of mists' while ‘Marr’ refers to the side of the river.

Art Play - a creative arts studio for kids and families is located right next to the playground and is a fab spot to get creative and they run great school holiday, weekday and weekend programs. The park is also located next to Yarra River, a great spot to stroll or ride your bike. There's not a lot of shade coverage (only over one play area with slides and in the middle where the park tables and benches are) so factor up and bring hats! It's a really great playground for the older kids, not so much for the little ones to play at.

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Birrarung Marr is situated on the north bank of the Yarra River next to Federation Square.

ArtPlay Birrarung Marr